I’m a curator. I’m a brand manager. I’m a collaborator.

I have a love for telling stories with products. While refining the
minutiae, I still see the big picture. As a versatile studio with a
strong merchant and visual display background, I understand the needs of
the retailer, large or small.

All of my work begins with an understanding of product, from
one-of-a-kind buys at local retailer Witt + Bliss, to the fresh and
play-inspired products from Manhattan Toy. Once I’ve made that
connection, I walk the path with my clients, helping them refine their
style and create an impression that is clear, yet spontaneous and

A Madison native, I reside in a midcentury home in Golden Valley, MN,
with my designer husband, two boys, and dachshund Bernie. My company,
ila studio, which started as an offshoot of ila handbags, is focused on
styling, creative consulting and social media management.